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about zatthu jewelry

Our Story

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  • about zatthu
  • about zatthu
  • about zatthu

It started with Love

My love for designing and making jewelry started when I was just a toddler! I made a long necklace from wooden beads that I probably received for my 4th birthday. I really didn't want to take it off, I thought it was so beautiful.

The passion never went away and in 2015 I started focusing on Zatthu full-time. I have not regretted it for a second, it is not without reason that they say “if you make your hobby your job, you will never have to work again”.

about zatthu

Our philosophy

Jewelry can tell a lot about your personality; a striking necklace represents daring and small stud earrings represent modesty. The choice for your jewelry often depends on your personality, but also on the time of day. What mood are you in and where are you going? With this in mind, I design with great passion and creativity diverse collections in which femininity and elegance predominate. Exuberant earrings that stand out, timeless eye-catching bracelets, feminine necklaces with a modern twist, but also sleek and basic designs such as rings and the collection of fine jewelry.

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Exclusive & Handmade

I try to offer exclusivity with my designs, not 13 in a dozen jewelry. There is a lot to be found in the world of jewelry, but often much of the same. That's a pitty because you can distinguish yourself by wearing jewelry that not everyone has or that you can buy everywhere.

More and more people are looking for authenticity and I hope wearing my jewelry contributes to this!

With kind regards,

gift wrapping


Your favorite piece of jewelry comes in a beautiful jewelry box, so you can always store your jewelry nicely when you are not wearing it. (As if...!) In addition, it's also beautifully wrapped, ready to give as a gift to a loved one who also deserves something beautiful.